Controlled Descent

"A Deconstruction Parkour Film"



Purchase Prints From The Film

All photos featured in the film are now available as prints. Support me and my future projects by purchasing your favorite photo moment for your home. Includes some recent work as well.

Listen To The Soundtrack

Controlled Descent is heavily inspired by the Vaporwave music genre. Almost all the songs in the film was remixed by me, poorly but eagerly, in Final Cut Pro. Free for download or stream on Bandcamp.

MÜV MAG #10 Cover Story

Controlled Descent was featured as the cover story for MÜV Mag anniversary issue, with eight different covers. $35 per copy, please consider supporting the publication.


About The Film


In March of 2020, I spent four hours and put together a Parkour video with my best footage from the past year. That’s standard practice in the Parkour world. Almost like a basketball highlight reel, athletes put out a video every now and then of our best moments,  accomplishments that made us the most proud.

But I didn’t feel proud, I was disappointed with my video.

It felt lazy piece of work. I wouldn't have contributed any new idea into the world, just more noise. This type of video has been created hundreds of times, something that neatly fit into the Parkour video genre.

At the time, I was very inspired by deconstruction genre anime. They were shows that understood the tropes of their genre and systematically broke them to create something more compelling.

I wanted to break the Parkour video genre. Tropes are like habits, hard to break and easy to fall back into unconsciously.  I had to take my time with the new draft of the film, question every decision I made, make sure everything I did served the story while challenging conventions. A year later, I finished “Controlled Descent.”

Finally, something totally different.


Live Screening


ANYONE/ANYWHERE'S Humanity Exhibit" (8/1/21)

Controlled Descent will be screened on loop at the Humanity Exhibit, hosted at Magick City (38 Box Street, Brooklyn, NY).

Doors open at 5pm. You'll also find prints from Controlled Descent on display along with works from 30 artists all over the world.


Parkour Film Double Feature (4/16/21)

Controlled Descent was screened alongside Darryl Stingley's Trials Morales at Cocoon NYC, hosted by The Movement Creative.

This was a gallery exhibition-like event that elevated the films we produced, and created an environment where even non-parkour people can easily interact with the community and enjoy movement.

All proceeds went towards supporting the artist, as well as a portion of it donated to @heartofdinner.

Thank you to the New York Parkour community for showing up and making this an amazing event. Click the flyer image to see the turn out.

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